Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Graphic Novel Review: The Undertaking of Lily Chen

The Undertaking of Lily Chen
Title: The Undertaking of Lily Chen

Author: Danica Novgorodoff
Release Date: March 25, 2014
Publisher: First Second Books
Format: Ebook
Page Number: 432
Source: Netgalley

Synopsis (Goodreads): In The Undertaking of Lily Chen, Deshi, a young man struggling to make a life for himself in rural China, watches his life comes unhinged when he accidentally kills his older brother in a fight. His distraught parents send him on a hopeless journey to acquire a bride for his brother to marry posthumously so he doesn't enter the next world alone—an ancient Chinese tradition with many modern adherents. Eligible female corpses are in short supply, however. When Deshi falls into company with a beautiful, angry, and single young woman named Lily, he sees a solution to his problems.  The only hitch is Lily is still very much alive. Danica Novgorodoff, author of Slow Storm and Refresh, Refresh, brings her distinctive voice and gorgeous, moody watercolors to this wry, beautiful, and surprising literary graphic novel.

My Review
This book was very different. And I didn't completely enjoy it. There was a lot of weird things going on through it, but some things I enjoyed. 

Since this is a graphic novel, I'm going to do a different kind of review.


  • The Premise- The idea of this book was really different. It was something I had never heard before. 
  • Super Quick Read- I read this book in about an hour and a half. It was really quick read. 
  • The Creepiness of the Drawings- The art in this book was nice, however, it was so creepy that I couldn't enjoy it. 
  • Weirdness- The whole book was just to creepy and weird. 
  • Speed- Everything in this book went by too fast. 
  • Ending- I didn't think anything in the ending really wrapped up the story. 

So, overall I didn't really enjoy this book. I just thought the whole thing was too weird, and not in a good way. 

Rating: 2/5 worms

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