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Broken City by D.D. Chant

Broken City (Broken City, #1)
Title: Broken City
Author: D.D. Chant
Release Date: February 11, 2011
Format: Ebook
Page Number: 363 
Source: Author

Synopsis (Goodreads): Deeta Richards has never seen the outside world. Before she was born a banking crisis brought civilization to an end and now no one leaves the safety of the compounds unless they need to, but Deeta still dreams of seeing more than the building she was born in. 
Tom is in the guard, this group are the only people that the tribal elders allow to leave the compound and Tom knows only too well that Deeta could never survive the harshness that exists outside. Then tragedy strikes and Deeta and her sister Jan find themselves captured by a hostile tribe. Why does Tom know so much about these people? And why do they know so much about him? As this mystery draws to a climax, they discover that their friend Tom is not quite what he seems...

My Review

Broken City took me way longer to read that I planned, but that was completely my fault. I had school, after school activities, and life in general, but that's besides the point. I really enjoyed this book and I can't wait to discuss it. 

Broken City is set in a post apocalyptic world where the world is divided into various tribes, and many people never go outside. When I was reading Broken City, I thought that the world building and the descriptions of the world were beautiful and very vivid. There is a particular scene where the descriptions are particularly lovely. There are various settings, and I was able to imagine all of them with perfect clarity. There is a lot of information given to you about the world in this book, and I think I would have retained a lot more of this book if I read it in less sittings, but never the less, I really enjoyed the world. 

The characters were rather hard to keep straight. There were so many characters that I couldn't keep them all straight; this also might have been because I read this book during a long period of time. Deeta's character was good; she was very trusting and compassionate. Tom felt very guarded during the book, but you find out why in the end. I absolutely loved Jan as a character, because she was so spunky and funny. She had funny dialogue and I couldn't help thinking of Jan from the Brady Bunch when I was reading this book. Meeting the characters from other tribes was also really interesting, because you get to see the differences in their ways of life in the book. 

I really enjoyed D.D. Chant's writing style. There really weren't any slow parts, and the book kept a good pace. There was a lot of words I had never heard before, and I really appreciated the variety of vocabulary. A lot of the dialogue in this book was hilarious, and I marked various passages that I loved. I also liked that this book wasn't filled with instalove, and all of the romances were developed and drawn out.  I felt that the ending of the book was very abrupt, but there is a sequel, so I can understand the abruptness. 

Rating: 4/5 worms
I really, really enjoyed this book and I wish I would have read it quicker. This book is a really great post apocalyptic book that has a lot to offer! 

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  1. Thank you so much for your review, I'm so glad you enjoyed Broken City.

    D.D. Chant