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Review: Wither by Lauren DeStefano

Review: Wither By Lauren DeStefano
Important Info
Title: Wither
Author: Lauren DeStefano
Release Date: March 22nd, 20122
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers
Genre: Dystopian
Series: The Chemical Garden Trilogy
Pages: 358
Format: Hardcover

I was eagerly awaiting getting my hands on a copy of Wither. I really enjoyed everything about this book except for one thing. It was rather slow during the begining and not a lot happened.
Plot:Wither takes place in a world much like our own except for in this world, scientists have genetically engineered a super generation of people who live till they are very old. No one thought that their would be consequences to this, until the first generations had children, and the girls only live till they are 20 and guys to 25. This kind of makes society go crazy, and girls are being kidnapped and wealthy men get to have many wives to try to keep the population alive. And this is where we meet Rhine. Rhine gets kidnapped and is forced to marry Linden along with some other sister brides. She then spends the rest of the book trying to escape.

Characters: Our main character is Rhine, and I felt she was an okay character. She wasn't as strong as I hoped she would be, but she was really cunning and sly with her plans. She was waging a war with herself about leaving or staying and I thought she was an okay character.
Linden was also okay. He knew nothing of the outside world and I couldn't help but wonder why he knew so little. Cecily and Jenna were also okay.

Writing Style: I don't have much to say about the writing style of this book. I felt it was average and not that thrilling.

Top three best things about this book: The world, the plot, and Rhine as a character.

Rating: I gave this book four worms. The world and plot were fabulous, but the book dragged on for the first 300 pages, and when they finally did escape they just walked out the gate. No one even chased them! I wished that the characters would have been better and the book would have had more suspense. Even so, I can't wait to get my hands on the next book.

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