Sunday, January 4, 2015

No More Chateau

 Today's post is a sad one for me, because today I'm talking about the closing of one of my favorite bookstores. No, this isn't an indie bookstore, but actually, a Barnes and Noble. But this Barnes and Nobles was special. In Rochester, MN, the old Chateau Theater was converted into a Barnes and Noble many years ago, and it was completely dazzling. Words can't do this place justice, so I'll just insert some pictures here.


Anyway, this bookshop was my favorite place to go when I was in the city; I would wander the shelves, look up at the starry sky, and gaze at the castle as I pondered my purchase. However, the Chateau Barnes and Noble has closed it's doors, and it's really saddening. I love supporting bookstores because I love to go to bookstores, especially this one. There is something special about walking through shelves of books and picking the right one for your mood at the moment, especially when you're walking through a medieval castle. I also loved getting something to eat at the Chateau Barnes and Noble and sitting down to read for awhile. The Chateau was mesmerizing, and I can't look at a normal Barnes and Noble the same way again.

The Chateau's future is still uncertain, but there is talk of it becoming a performing arts theater again. I hope this is the case, because this place is too historic to be closed forever. Tell me in the comments below if you guys have any historic bookshops in your area, because I would love to know.

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